Chris Rangel’s Ultimate Martial Arts

We are a wako kickboxing k-1 affiliated

Programs done for you by Masters

Taekwondo by Hall of Fame Instructor Chris Rangel.  former World Class Athletes Program and former World Champion leads the training in Korean Martial Arts system utilizing both ITF military style and WT system for Olympic sport training 
Arnis Filipino Martial Arts Kombatan is a Filipino martial arts system. The founder of the system was Ernesto Amador Presas. The current head of the system is Ernesto Presas Jr. The style is known for its double stick techniques, but it features other stick and blade techniques, as well as empty-hand methods
Muay Thai: Muay Thai or literally Thai boxing is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This discipline is known as the “art of eight limbs” as it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins  
UFC fighter Miles Johns Kinder Cagers MMA- MMA Training for 4-6 years old endorsed curriculum from UFC star Miles Johns.  Johns comes quarterly to oversee the progression of the kids. 
MMA for Teens and Adults: Mixed Martial Arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts : clinics regularly by Elijah Baby Johns LFA Pro MMA Fighter and Miles Johns UFC Fighter 
Boxing : overseen by 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist Nico Hernandez and Trainer/Head Coach or World Class Hernandez Boxing Team. Lewis Hernandez.  
Personal Training by Jared Rangel WKO Team USA Athlete. 
All instructors are First Aid, CPR, and AED certified.

Who Is Chris Rangel?

Chris has owned and operated his martial arts training center since 1992 after a very successful career competing for the famed All Armed Forces World Class Athletes Program and Team USA for Taekwondo. As a world class martial arts practitioner for 49 years and successful gym owner for 26 of those years, Chris is passionate about helping other gym owners go from plateau to exponential growth in order to focus on impacting, building and changing lives. Chris is also passionate about helping gym owners build to a level of success that would grant them a lifestyle of choice and design. 
With several UFC fighters choosing to train at his facility, an average retention rate of 12 years per client and a waiting list to come through the doors, Chris has developed an industry leading system for minimizing student turnover while maximizing profitability. He does this through strategic programming, carefully mapping out curriculum, and teaching and perfecting student enrollment and retention processes.
As a highly respected leader and innovator in the industry, Chris utilizes his excellent communication skills and The AIM Principle to help both his students and business coaching clients to AIM higher than they have ever thought possible and make their dreams a reality..  

Qualified Instructors

Current students from Dallas, Okc, Tulsa, Emporia, Wichita, Goddard and McPherson Ks

Tony Farnan

5th Degree BB

Is a 2016 World Record holder for breaking. He holds rank in Taekwondo Hapkido and Arnis. He is lead children’s instructor at our Wichita Ks location. And assistant instructor at HQ school.  

Ethan Halsey

Junior assistant instructor

3rd Dan.

Lewis Hernandez of Hernandez Academy

Boxing Consultants and Newton on-site instructor

Lewis has several decades of world class coaching and is our go to when it comes to boxing.

Melinda K Rangel

Director of Operations

former World Champion as Director of Thunder Muay Thai and Head Instructor for our Wichita Location

Josh Weiser

Director of Fitness and Conditioning
He teaches spin cycle, Bootcamp Kickboxing and assists on the junior development team. He holds numerous certifications and has adv degrees in Computer Engineering.  

Israel "Izzy" Villa

Boxing trainer consultant

former Golden Gloves Champ and Trainer has many years of elite level coaching and has dialed into the steps to make his athletes Champions.

Jenna Rangel Koerner

Self Defense Coordinator and Instructor

She hold a 4th Degree BB in Taekwondo and is a certified safety Instructor.  She was co producer of G2G Self Defense Video.  She holds a 48-1 full contact record.   She holds a BSN, and BS Kineseology. 

Michael Lunsford

Jr Master

Is a 4th Degree Black belt in Taekwondo. Michael teaches basic Taekwondo and assists at the HQ school. He holds a BS degree in Business

Michael Scott

4th Degree BB in Taekwondo

He specializes in adult self defense and traditional forms.  He holds a BS Degree in Special Education.

Jared Rangel

Jr Master and Personal Trainer

4th Dan Taekwondo MMA, Muay Thai. 2x National Champion Taekwondo , 2019 WKO Light Weight Champion Muay Thai.  Personal trainer and works with Jr Development Team.  BS Degree Exercise Science and Business.  He is our staff EMT as well.

Nico Hernandez of Hernandez Academy

Boxing Consultants and Newton on-site instructor

Nico Hernandez the current undefeated IBA World Boxing Champ and US Olympic Bronze Medalist helps produce world class clinics he is a right hand man to his father and is our athletes top consultant when asking about dreams can be real the real Olympic walk questions!

Miho Shimizu Halsey

Office Manager


4:30 PM warm up

5:00 PM Olympic Taekwondo ***All Gear required*** White TKD uniform Before allowed in class **

6:00 PM Taekwondo Class. All ages

6:00 PM MMA  mat #2 (14 and older *** must have cup mouth piece gloves shin pads and wrestling shoes. *** also requires WMF

7:00 PM Weapons Arnis Mat #1 no uniform required

7:00 PM Open Mat #2 weapons no uniform required.

7:00 PM MMA Cage *** must have all MMA Muay Thai gear ***


6:00-6:40 pm Kinder Cagers. Mma for kids 4- up

*** must be registered must have Short’s. Black Thunder shirt gloves and shin guards***

6-7:30 PM ADULT MMA grappling room #2

6:45-7:30 PM MMA / Muay Thai


6:00 PM Taekwondo Basics Mat

6:00 PM MMA / Muay Thai open cage high intensity cage training

7:00 PM Uncaged men’s Mma workout and Bible Study


4:30 PM warm up

5:00 PM Olympic Taekwondo

6:00 PM Taekwondo

6:00 PM MMA  mat #2

7:00 PM Muay Thai  #1

7:00 PM Open Mat #2

7:00 PM Cage Muay Thai

7:00 PM Weapons ring 3


By Appointment Only!


5:15 AM sunrise advanced

7:00 AM Stretching

8:00 AM Olympic Tkd

9:00 AM Taekwondo

10:00 AM  Arnis Mat #1

Weapons psractice Mat #2

10:45 AM Muay Thai/ Mat #1

Kids MMA Mat #2

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